Set yourself free from the ordinary work to focus on the extraordinary one.

Taslonic makes form creation and data fetching really simple.

Your time is precious. Use it wisely.

When building a front-end application, ordinary tasks may take much of your time. Creating and validating forms, fetching data, and handling error and success messages aren’t that exciting activities.

Those ordinary tasks become tedious labor very quickly. They take quite some time to implement. And having to invest a significant share of time on joyless jobs unlikely leads to surprising returns. The truth is: whereas cars are going driverless, front-enders still forget to focus on a required field that prevents someone from submitting a form.

Have you ever imagined what if form controls had an attribute called validations that could validate themselves automatically on form submission? What if success message was just one more attribute accepted by the form tag? Have you ever wished forms were smart enough to control the visibility of a loader? This is what a glorious library does for you.

Taslonic is glorious, not because it reinvents how a select works, nor because it will make your interface fashionable. But because it vanishes away unworthy tasks, freeing you to invest most of your time in chasing delightful outcomes.